The CMYLA was formed to allow children to have a place to learn with a structured environment where they can play and at an appropriate level. The objectives of the CMYLA shall include but not limited to the following:To foster, support and promote t

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Boys Lacrosse Philosophy

Below you will find the curriculum for the CMYLA program. This is a process of building blocks. There must be a solid foundation built at the U7, U9 and U11 level in order to progress forward into the U13 and U15.
Although you will find many X’s and O’s specifics under these programs, the entire program is based off of working hard, being extremely disciplined and having fun. As these players progress through this curriculum they will not only be taught the intricacies of the game of lacrosse, but they will be taught how to be good people!
Our coaching staff will demonstrate these morals in everything they do. There will never be cursing, swearing or any type of behavior that shows a lack of character. The staff will pride itself in being perfect role models for the members of the organization!


U7 – U9 Programs

  • Learn how to hold a lacrosse stick properly while throwing, catching, shooting and playing defense.
  • Know what equipment must be worn and how to put it on, take care of it, carry it etc.
  • Understand basic terminology:
    • Positions – Goalie, Defense, Midfield, Attack
    • Boundaries – endline, sideline, restraining box, midfield line, substitution box.
    • Horn! (Let them know they can sub when they hear this.)
    • Ball! Release! For GB’s
    • Here’s your help!
  • Understand basic rules:
    • 4 total players back on defensive end, 3 back on offensive end, 3 midfielders.
    • Cannot push from behind.
    • What is a slash?
    • Cannot touch ball with hand.
    • When ball is shot, chase it out!
    • Goalie has 4 seconds to get rid of the ball.
    • Offensive players cannot run into crease.
    • Moving picks.
  • Understand proper positioning on offense and defense
  • Spacing on the field and basic on ball body position.
  • Understand how to pick up a GB properly – both butts low!!

 U11 Program

The U11 program will enter with all of the above knowledge from U7 abd U9 programs and then be taught the following:

  • Stick work for both hands – line drills, over the shoulders.
  • Understand substitution on the fly.
  • Defense
    • Proper  1v1 defense – footwork, angles, checks (pokes / lifts / drive on hips)
    • Proper transition defense – learn fast break formation (triangle) and rotation.
    • Proper 6v6 defense – make contact when man has the ball, when man does not have ball, get closer to goal as ball gets closer to goal.
    • Terminology – Hot, Fire.
    • Learn man down defense (House)
  • Offense
  • Dodges – roll dodge, face dodge, split dodge.
  • Understand where we want to shoot from on the field.
  • Proper transition offense – learn fast break formation (L) and the looks.
  • Off ball cutting.
  • 2-3-1 Offensive formation – what positions belong where.
  • Learn Man up formation (3-3)
  • Attackmen drop to restraining box and midfielder’s drop to midfield line on rides.

 U13 Program

The U13 program will enter with all of the above knowledge from U11 and U9 and then be taught the following:

  • Defense
    • Slide Package – slide from crease.
    • Have help man.
    • Double team once we slide – left foot, right foot.
  • Offense
  • 2-3-1
  • Value – everyone gets a touch.
  • Midfield dodge, adjacent attack cut through, shot or bang ball to X, push opposite side.
  • Special Teams (Ride)
    • Have one attack pressure ball, all others drop to restraining box and play anyone in front of them.
    • Have all middies drop to midfield line and not let anyone behind them.
  • Special Teams (Clear)
  • Have two defenders on wings, one middie low, one defender at midfield with other middies on either sideline. Get ball to the short stick!!
  • Special Teams (Man Up)
    • 3-3, step in draw a man and pass.
  • Special Teams (Man Down)

·         House – know spots and perimeter. How to play cutters.   

U15 Program

The U15 program will enter with all of the above knowledge from U13, U11 and U9 and then be taught the following:

  • Defense
    • Understand slide and recovery.
    • Lock off defense (51)
    • Zone Defense (House with a crease)
    • Run a Long Stick Midfielder.
  • Offense
  • Understand once we push the backside, what our looks are – shoot, hit stretching attackmen, hit forward adjacent middie.
  • Understand our looks on (attack dodge.) – shot, forward adjacent midfield, curlback throw to our attackmen rotating to X.
  • Special Teams
    • Understand Box and One concept
    • Implement 2 basic, man up plays.